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Baby’s First Fever


I knew this day would come. 

Teething can come with irritability, pain, diarrhea and fevers. We already made it through 2 teeth popping through without even knowing they were coming. He has been giving extra attention to the left side of his mouth for a few days, so we knew #3 was on its way. Didn’t make it any easier to see my sweet pea so sad and uncomfortable.


Last  night, Cabin nursed All. Night. Long. ALL NIGHT, yall. Likeeeee between 2 & 4, he nursed 6 times. We bedshare, so I just pulled him close and latched him, but even so, he and I got minimal sleep. He nursed more last night than he did as a newborn and let me be real honest here…newborn Cabin was CLINGYYYYY. (I didn’t mind. The snuggles were fantastic.)

So, anyway, he nursed all night. I blamed it on him having a long, overstimulating weekend with minimal naps, but when we all woke up to Matthew’s alarm at 5:30am, I knew it was more than that. I pulled Cabin in and he was warm. I mean WARM. Matthew started searching for either of our 2 thermometers but of courseeee, they were nowhere to be found. Off to the drug store he went. I stayed in bed with a now screaming baby. (This stressed me out because he never screams. Ever.)

He got home with a new thermometer, and we took his temp. Under his arm it was 98.3, so 99.3 real temp. I knew it. Low grade, but still a fever.

Before I tell you what I did to take care of him, I am first going to tell you the things I did NOT do.

1. I DID NOT freak out and start calling doctors’ offices.
2. I DID NOT start alternating Motrin &/or Tylenol.
3. I DID NOT place him in a cool bath to try and lower core body temp.

In this house, we do not fear a fever. Even a 104 or 105 fever doesn’t make us worry. Do you know why our bodies get fevers? For most people, the answer is no. Let me explain.

A fever is a temporary increase in your body temperature, often due to an illness. Having a fever is a sign that something out of the ordinary is going on in your body……a number of over-the-counter medications lower a fever, but sometimes it’s better left untreated. Fever seems to play a key role in helping your body fight off a number of infections.”

Let me reiterate. Fevers play a key role in helping your body fight off infection.

In MOST cases, fevers are your friends, friends! By forcing a fever to break, you could be knocking down tiny soldiers that are storming your little one’s body, attacking the intruder.

So, here is what I did for Cabin’s first fever:

Let me start by saying that I am not a doctor, but I know a LOT about the human body and its systems.

Also, when I mention any essential oil or essential oil blend/product, I am referring to Young Living Essential Oils ONLY. We only use YL in our home because of the quality, purity and safety standards. #seedtoseal   ‘nuff said.

My first priority was to calm him down & make him as comfortable as possible. I took off his pajamas and gave him a new diaper. He was already bothered by the heat, so that little bit of comfort can go a long way. Imagine being really sick and getting into bed with fresh, clean sheets. Same situation.

I grabbed my Tranquil roller and rolled it across his chest. This is our go-to when Cabin isn’t in the best mood. I pulled him against my chest and we nursed and nursed until Matthew got back with the thermometer. When a baby feels bad, it is so so so so SO important to nurse as much as possible. Baby’s saliva will send signals through the breasts and Mama’s milk will change to fit the current needs of babe. I also kissed his head and face a lot. When a Mama kisses her baby, her body can pick up signals and germs to know what our milk may need to support them. Seriously, guys. Google it. It is worth a google. The science behind breastfeeding is incredible.

Once I knew how high his temp actually was, I was able to make decisions on what to do from there. 99 is a very low grade fever. We don’t fight low grades at all.  Again, fevers have a purpose.

Once he was calm and content-ish, I reached for my diaper bag where I keep his “first aid kit oils.”

I grabbed the “FEVER + FLASH” roller. This homemade blend of Frank, Peppermint and Lavender is great for any kind of fever or when baby (or mama!) is uncomfortable due to high temps both inside and outside of the body. Frank is great for overall wellness. Peppermint helps one to cool off. Lavender is very calming and comforting. I rolled this blend down his spine.

I then took our Thieves roller and rolled it on the soles of his feet. I knew his fever was from teething, but the body sees that as something funky going on. During this time, a baby’s immune system can dip in strength because energy is focusing on growing teeth, so we use Thieves to keep the immune system in tip top shape.

I dropped some Peace & Calming on his forehead. I feel like the reasons for that blend are obvious.

The last oil roller I used was our home made “BUBBLE GUTS” roller. This blend of spearmint, peppermint, Digize and Copaiba, help the tummy and digestive system run smoothly, even when the body is distracted by other things (like sickness, teething, etc.)

The most important oil I used on him was Copaiba. It is the best anti-inflammatory evaaaaa. I took several drops and put them straight onto his gums. In about 90% of situations, I can calm his fussiness with a few drops of copaiba.

Next, I focused on hydration. Nursing provides everything Cabin needs, but if I can boost his fluids a little more, why wouldn’t I? I grabbed his sippy and put his daily probiotic powder in there. (If you don’t know the importance of gut health, we need to chat 1:1.) I added a few drops of Ningxia Red and about 2 tablespoons of organic coconut water, then filled the rest of the cup with filtered, fluoride-free water. He will sip on this for a few hours. We will rinse and repeat tomorrow.

Lastly, I got that baby butt into a detox bath. Detox baths are great at pulling toxins and yuckies out of our bodies. (and our minds, tbh.) Cabin likes a warm bath, so i filled the tub and then threw in the following:

-1 cup baking soda
-a few handfuls of unscented Epsom salts
-a handful of Pink Himalayan Salts
-organic dried lavender flowers
-organic dried rose buds + petals
-ALL. The. Oils. For this bath, I chose Palo Santo, Frank, Lav, Rose & Valor.

This will help him stay relaxed and may even help him clean out his bowels, which is so, so good for healing and gut health. After his bath, I repeated all the oils again.

While our approaches to well care may be a little different than most, they are gentle and effective. They work for us & keep us from paying copays (now, or later in life from adverse reactions to continued otc med use).

The rest of our day will be filled with oils, snugs, nursing, and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Ya know, the very best medicine available.

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