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Birth Plan

If you are not aware of the importance of a birth plan, prepare to be enlightened.

Whether you choose a natural birth or want all the drugs, having a thorough birth plan helps to provide a safe delivery for baby and a pleasant experience for you. YOUR FEELINGS AND EXPERIENCE MATTER TOO, MAMA! It is the easiest way to relay your wishes to your birth and medical teams.

You can find tons of birth plan templates with a simple internet search. There are a million ways to write your birth plan and it should be just that: YOURS.


Do you want to delay cord clamping and allow the remaining 1/3 of baby’s blood to get into their body from the placenta? Good. Put it in your birth plan.

Are you not ok with trainees and students “observing” your birth? Me either. Put it in your birth plan.

Do you want immediate skin to skin after delivery? No Vaccines? Want Daddy to cut the cord? Put. It. In. Your. Birth. Plan.


Writing my own birth plan was one of the best things I did for myself and my birth team during my delivery prep. Everyone knew what I wanted, how I wanted it, when I wanted, etc. I sent digital copies over to my entire birth team and took 8 printed copies with us to the hospital.

We live in a world where “showing up implies consent.” I know a friend who recently had a baby and the NICU nurses administered 2 vaccinations without her permission simply because she didnt say not to do them. Having a birth plan prevents this from happening.

I have gotten TONS of questions about Cabin’s natural hospital birth, so I wanted to share our birth plan with you guys! I focused on Environment, Labor, Pain Management, Delivery and Post Partum and added bullet points beneath each category.

Taylor & Matthew’s Birth Plan
We are so excited to be sharing this day with all of you! Please understand that we planned & preferred a water birth at home, but God had other plans. We have prepared for an UNMEDICATED BIRTH and would appreciate your cooperation and assistance in achieving these goals as we bring our baby boy into the world.

I have extremely sensitive skin. Therefore, I will be wearing my own robe & using our own blankets and pillows. On 7/7, I was admitted overnight and broke out all over from the hospital linens and gown. ***check out for SUPER CUTE Mommy & Me robes & sleepers!***

If I am unable to make medical decisions, -INSERT BIRTH TEAM MEMBER’S NAME HERE- will make decisions on my behalf.


-Dimly lit room ***Setting the mood for labor and delivery can help keep Mama calm and focused. **

-Praise Music playing ***If I hear a song on the radio that I’d like to hear during labor, I add to my “birth” playlist.***
-Essential oils diffusing ***We diffused Geranium, Clary Sage, Orange and Gentle Baby.***
-Door closed


Yes Please…
-the only people permitted in the room are:

-ONE nurse for me.
  ***This section is SO IMPORTANT. I was blessed to help a good friend deliver her sweet daughter a few years ago and in the middle of her pushing, someone barged into the room. Someone she absolutely did not want in there. Make a list, friends.***

-Minimal cervical checks (ONLY after asking permission) ***Excessive checks are asking for infection and stress mom out. just skip the “lets just see how far you are” checks.***
-Allow water to break on it’s own.

-Freedom to move around the room and halls if I desire.
-Freedom to change positions in and out of bed. ***Being in that bed was AWFUL. I stayed on my feet/ball as much as possible.***
-intermittent fetal monitoring. If constant monitoring is NECESSARY, please use wireless, bluetooth monitor. 
-If I am hungry, I will have light snacks. 

No Thankyou….
-NO students or trainees in room please. ***at one point in my labor, a trainee doctor came in with SEVEN students, yall. SEVEN. She had not read my birth plan. She was promptly asked to leave.***


Yes please…

-alternative & natural forms to cope with pain such as:
          -essential oil diffusion and application
          -use of the shower
          -bouncing on birth ball
          -position change, squats and/or walking
          -breathing exercises

No thankyou….
-offering of pain medication. None. Nothing.
-NO comments about “making it easy on me” “its ok to make it easier and take xyz option” “you don’t need to be a hero” “as long as baby is safe, its fine.”   Please support our decision to go natural. I CAN do it.


Yes please……

-I will choose position for pushing.
-Perineum support with warm, wet cloth. ***This helps to prevent tearing.***
-Daddy will catch baby and announce gender.
-Delay Cord clamping until AFTER pulsing stops. ***1/3 of baby’s blood is in the placenta, yall. There is NO NEED to clamp and cut immediately.***
-Daddy will cut cord.

-Allow Placenta to be delivered naturally. It will then be kept safe to encapsulate later. NO preservatives or chemicals added. ***encapsulating your placenta has a TON of benefits for you, Mama.***

No thankyou…
-episiotomy. (natural tearing preferred.)

-uses of forceps, vacuum or pulling on baby. ***Just say NO.***
-coached pushing or counting while I push. ***Your body will actually push on its own when it is ready. I had to get up from where I was sitting because Cabin was starting to escape!***


Yes please…
-immediate skin to skin ***the golden hour is SO important for bonding, establishing a latch and mental development.***
-allow vernix to be absorbed into baby’s skin. **PLEASE research this. Vernix is AMAZING. dont wipe it off!***
-baby will be exclusively breastfed. ***Nurse as much as possible in the beginning. This encourages milk production and prevents the issue of nipple confusion andddd the brand new baby snuggles are AMAZING.***

-ONE nurse for baby.
-necessary tests may be performed on my chest after 1 hour to allow bonding.

No thankyou….
-please please do not wipe or bathe baby’s skin. Gently dab blood away.
-taking baby to nursery, ever.
-Vitamin K, eye antibiotics, HepB or vaccinations/injections of ANY kind. 
-offering bottles, pacifiers or formula.
-circumcision or penis retraction. *** ***

Remember that the doctors and nurses work for you, not the other way around. If someone is bullying or badgering you or another member of your birth team, you CAN and SHOULD have them replaced.  You only get to experience birth of your child once. You can have more kids, but you’ll never be able to redo that birth and get a better experience. Speak up, Mamas.

Here’s to lots of dreamy deliveries & squishy babes.
Xoxoxo Taylor

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