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Welcome to Cabin & Valor

Hi friends!
Happy 2020 and welcome to Cabin & Valor!
I am SO excited to share this piece of my heart with y’all!

This has been such a labor of love and I have never been more anxious about a project in my life! I know I promised my birth story monthhhhhsss ago and never delivered…..well, this is why! While I was writing the original post about mine + Cabin’s journey through pregnancy and delivery, just a few weeks after he entered the world, it dawned on me: we have such a great story to tell. The more I thought about it, the less I could justify sharing such a story by posting a few words and a link in a simple facebook post. No. This was worthy of so much more. Thus, Cabin & Valor was born!

Together, we will use this space to talk about pregnancy, birth and babies, health and wellness, homesteading, and whatever other topics we think of! We will even do some shopping! (Comfy tees, cute baby hats, diffuser jewelry and SO many other things to come! Eeeek!!) If you like my pictures of cloth diaper butts, chicken/duck antics, essential oils and my sweeeeeeet baby’s sweeeeeet face, then you are going to like it here.

I’m sorry I’ve made you wait this long, but, without further adieu, here is Cabin & Valor. I hope you love it as much as I do.

Xoxoxo Taylor

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